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23.04.2024 18:35

Premiere at the Aviation Fair

Air forces of foreign countries are not often represented in the Aviation Fair program. This year, however, visitors to the 32 Aviation Fair, which will take place on the weekend of June 1 and 2, 2024...

05.04.2024 05:21

The Mustang will roam over Pardubice again

Flying veterans of the Second World War inherently belong to the program of the Aviation Fair. This will also be the case for the 29th year, taking place at Pardubice Airport on 1st and 2nd of June. Legendary...

05.04.2024 05:21

Martin Šonka, acting world champion in the Red Bull Air Race, will perform on the Aviation Fair

The preparations are already in full swing for this year's 21st annual Aviation Fair, taking place on 1st and 2nd of June at the Pardubice airport. One of the stars of the flight program will be a very...

05.04.2024 05:21

Anakonda at the Fair

Anyone expecting performance of snake charmers, will surely be disappointed as the Aviation Fair is famous air show and will remain so even after its twenty-eighth edition, taking place at the Pardubice...

05.04.2024 05:21

Premiere in flying displays

We regularly provide information about what great machines and their pilots will perform on the Pardubice sky during the Aviation Fair. This year's, more than five-hour flight program, however, also brings...

05.04.2024 05:21

Olympic biplane will perform at the Aviation Fair

In flight program of any proper airshow, dynamic performances alternate with calmer ones in which the viewer admires not only the power of aircraft engines, but can watch the gentle movement of airplanes...

05.04.2024 05:21

Woman on the wing over Pardubice again

This year's Aviation Fair will be crowned by a woman walking in flight on the wing of a historic biplane in Pardubice skies again. The Aviation Fair Organizers have added this unique performance admired...

05.04.2024 05:21

My name is Robert Vano

Robert Vano as an inexperienced eighteen-year-old dared to do things many grown and seasoned men wouldn’t even think of, yet he’s not a hero. He was around the most famous men and the most beautiful women...

05.04.2024 05:21

The Lightning returns to Pardubice

The Pardubice Aviation Fair is popular with both spectators and pilots, with many foreign pilots saying they would like to come again for the next year when leaving. For years, a congenial team with historic...

05.04.2024 05:21

An unusual machine goes to Pardubice

The main visual motive of this year's 22nd edition of the Aviation Fair is a slender silver aircraft with an unusual look and Swiss roundels. It's an airplane so unusual that many visitors who visit Pardubice...

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